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Free - Spook House in a Bottle by gutterface

Free Jack o Lantern Lights by gutterface Free Jack o Lantern Lights by gutterface


Night Angel's October Fall FestivalPumpkin La  Hey guys! 
I've decided to go ahead and host a mini show for your horses & dogs for the fall season! :3 This can be fictional or realistic breeds, and you can enter as many of your animals as you want to! 
This show will be running from:
This is Halloween :bulletorange: Oct 1st until Oct 31st :bulletorange:This is Halloween 
It will be judged by a Random Number Generator & always in a join me with at least 2 other witnesses! As such, my horses & dogs are also allowed to participate since it's completely random :3 
Classes will run as soon as they are full and will be updated ASAP. If a class does not fill up after 1 week, ghost horses or dogs will be added to fill the spots missing. 
There are a couple of rules here that are listed here~
Bullet; Red RULES 
Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2017Howdy folks! We're going to try something a little different this year.  I will post one  item a day for the first 20 days of October  that you all can try to find.  You will have all month to find all 20 items. If players are struggling I’ll give out hints the remaining 11 days.  At the end of the month, you will submit the items you find in return for prizes. There are different prize tiers depending on how many items you find.  So everyone will get something! 
Run time? End time?
Start Oct 1st | End 31st
How to collect your prizes:
At the end of the event, send a note to me - Shayla-Estate - with links to all found items listed. (I suggest keeping them in a stash file until time to submit!)
I will reply to your note with the set of prizes you have earned.
Please! Do not share the locations of items!
I know I can’t stop you, but it’s not very sporting of you.
Items can be found:
Saddle-Creeks Spookisville Event [Open]Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I'm sure the same goes for most of you.
So I decided I'd hold a small competitions with great prizes.
You may use any HARPG horse you'd like.

Being that this competition is so far away I will be adding a map and some inspiration pictures by May.
Please make sure to follow all the rules, and if you need extended time feel free to message me.
this event will be held on the grounds of Saddle-Creek

running: --
End Date: Oct 31. 2017
0:00 pm USA time
General Rules
- the event is for everybody
-All entries must be made for this event only, no re-using old images
- Fall! It's cold, leaves are blowing in the wind
- tracing is allowed (link the ref! if not: possible disqualification)
- no free lineart or commissions (possible disqualification)
- no photo background or photo textures! (disqualification)
Boucle Unicorn Spoopfest 2017!Hello and welcome to the Boucle Halloween Spoopfest of 2017!
To start with, please note that the events run in Swedish time! There is a countdown on the front page, but avoid doing things last minute to stay clear of timezone problems :heart:
Another important thing is that breedings are limited to one a day through out all of October! Any additional breedings will be rejected D:
Halloween horns!
Like previous years there is a whole new set of halloween stones! The ideas were picked from this poll and designed by our lovely TigressDesign :D Praise be onto her!
You can find them here:

2016's halloween stones will serve as Alternate Stone I, while
Nordanner Spooktacular 2017Hello all! October is upon us, ad we all know what that means! Halloween goodness! We've kept you busy with arty events the last few months, So hopefully this should help wind down a little!
Trick or treat?
Every day for the month of October I will be hiding candies around the group OR my own gallery ( if i put anything on my own page it will be on something obvious or Halloween related!) . If you stumble across one be sure to leave a comment.... but will you get a trick, or a treat? Just a fun lil scavenger hunt to wind down after the big ol' effort based shows <3 
Tricks -  You will get given a short prompt, and must draw one of your nordanners (or a group horse if you dont own any) before you can claim another candy! Simply reply to the prompt with a link to the image and you'll be good to carry on!
Treats - You will receive a prize! 
Prizes for the scavenger hunt will be kept secret, but it is a long list with some rarer pr
HARPG Halloween 2017 Minishow! - OPENAll Hallow’s Eve!
Welcome to our HARPG Halloween 2017 Minishow!
Halloween is on the way and fawnlings are feeling that spooky spirit! This show is a chance to show off their costumes, tricks and bravery in the face of spookiness!
If you don’t have a HARPG Fawnling and would like to join in, never fear! TWI and OC character designs can be made into HARPG references too - they can be completely different genders, shapes and personalities, and they don’t take up an extra slot if you’re already using them in TWI or as an OC! For more information on how to make a HARPG Fawnling go to the HARPG Fawnling Journal.
About the Show
Held in a spooky bat-covered New England estate one dark October night. Expect spookiness and fun!
Theme: Halloween
Deadline: November 15th 2017 (countdown on Fawnlings Homepage)
Costume In-Hand Showmanship (Both types)
Halloween Scares Bombproofing (Both types)
Trick or Treat (Class

Halloween Greeting 2 by Gasara Boney Page Graphic (animated) by Gasara

Happy Halloween by savagebinn Stamp - Love Halloween by firstfear Happy Halloween by NorthboundFox

Kraken Castle Stables

Kraken Castle Stables is a multi-discipline showing and breeding stable located in Ireland. Originally founded as Shattered Rose Stables, it has no specialty besides loving and caring for horses. This jack-of-all-trades stable has horses that compete in English disciplines, western disciplines, and houses both realistic and fantastical horse breeds.

ARPG Breed Groups

Eight arms are better than two~



Artist | Student | Digital Art

United States

People who know me call me Scutterland. People who know me well call me whatever they want. People who don't know me at all call me "HEY YOU!"

I am a digital artist who works mostly on equine art for hobby and I am an active player in many art-roleplaying groups. I am hoping to get a degree in graphic design and one day make artwork my career. I am from Oklahoma and as you know cows and sharks are natural enemies, which is why we don't have many shark attacks in Oklahoma. I have lots of pets: a dog, a leopard gecko, and two sugar gliders. I work primarily in Paint Tool SAI with a Wacom Tablet, but I also use Krita and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Commissions | ARPG Sales | To-Do List

You octopi my thoughts

One does not simply visit my page and not in turn visit these people, you will regret it if you don't, you'd be missing out on some pretty gorgeous art and pretty fantastic individuals. They have all earned their spot on my page and its an honor to consider them friends

:icondreamscanlive::iconcontinuinglegacy::iconnixxily::icontalonv::iconemeraldthewoof::iconnativewolf330::iconlizandre::iconjian89::iconsacarawolf5498::iconorchidor::iconemma-vixen::iconrosenhill::iconwenigwren::iconcheddarbug::iconfebcupcake::iconopalskye::iconzandromina::icons1088::iconshayla-estate::iconkagetora4ever::iconkryptic-creations::iconsweetlittlevampire::iconcrows-crandyskulls: :iconluminasha: :icontigressdesign:


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